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July 17, 2012


While I report on Apple patents, I also cover patents from other companies on our sister blog called Patent Bolt. I can tell you that Samsung alone applies for ten times more patents than Apple does, week in and week out. Obviously Samsung doesn’t think that the patent system is broken, even though their fans do. I also don't hear Microsoft, IBM or any of the larger tech firms complaining about the patent system. So the noise about the patent system is mainly from irate fans.

Leading companies are always attacked by their competitors in the press or on blogs and their respective fan bases usually echoes that sentiment. There’s nothing really new here. But I have to admit, the anti-Apple fanatics are the whiniest propogandists around. Every major Apple patent win brings out the same group, with the same complaints like raving parots. Although that gets very old, very fast, it's always fun to see the circus unfold. The clowns are my favorite, as always.


One More Thing: Many anti-Apple readers want the comment area reopened. We list a number of sites covering our report above that will welcome comments on this report. The anti-Apple readers specifically could participate in the rant-fest over at Slashdot which we list above.

Oh here we go with the big bad "evil" Apple. Eric Schmidt was a Judas and their ilk just copied iOS and the iPad design. Apple's iPad and iPhone were original and products that just worked. Perfect? No. But everyone else was following dumb ass Motorola or other butt ugly designers. Their interfaces were ABSOLUTE GARBAGE and iOS finally delivered the way. It was so good that their competitors rushed to "copy it." I'll say it again whiner, they took the fast route of "copying" Apple's iOS.

Apple has it's faults like all companies and I personally have more Window systems in my house, so your "raging fanboy" crap is just that, crap. I guess that you "copied" that thinking from your copycat whiners.

Apple reinvented the smartphone. Get over it.

Sorry, kicking MY ass?? Unlike raging Apple fanboys, I have not branded myself with a product and made it my meaning of life, not to mention the iPhone is sitting at 30% and falling amongst cell phone users. Kicking ass, indeed. I use the best technology for what I need, and Apple rarely fits the bill because its simplicity is also its downfall. I respect most tech companies but like many, I despise Apple and their evil business practices and litigation practices. If winning another bogus patent makes you feel that much better about your technology choice, then good on you.

When the world's largest search company can't properly use a search bar on their own phones because of some acme patent, there is something wrong and some judges are starting to catch on. In the next 5 years, iOS will be a single-digit blip on the radar, just like their big brother, OSX.

So here we go with the whiners. Apple crushed RIM, Nokia, Motorola and left everyone else in the dust because Apple didn't invent anything original. So why is the public buying it and dumping the copycat crap? Hahaha. Oh and the patent system is broken because Apple is kicking your ass. Hahaha. When will these whiners and copycat followers ever learn. You're endoctrinated with copycatitus and so we forgive you. But really, get a new recording to play. The one you have is so boring!

You do realize that everything Apple makes is a copy of something else, right? They have copied interfaces for decades and made them "prettier".

And in addition to the patent system being completely broken, they blindly approve Apple patents, regardless of their general nature.

Apple is a copycat as much as anyone else, they just do it with style and claim they invented everything cool that exists.

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