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July 26, 2012



You are 100% incorrect on the patent being a continuation patent. The patent that we presented actually states that it's a "Divisional Patent." We clearly point this out in the begining of our report. Apple's current patent provided us with new patent figures not presented before. You should refer to our link defining a divisional patent. If it was a continuation patent, it would have stated that fact, which it did not.

I'm sorry, but whoever wrote this article needs to check their dates. This patent is a continuation application that claims priority to a patent that was originally published on April 1, 2010. Because this is a continuation, this patent is identical to the 2010 patent other than the claims. This is not new, and therefore not news.

@ Mike. NFC will be used more and more over time by every tech company, especially handsets. NFC isn't an Apple invented standard, so I wouldn't get uptight about this.

So Apple envisages a future where Bluetooth will be edged out completely and replace with a new proprietary interface that only works between Apple devices? And none of my existing devices would work with it?

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