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July 15, 2012


Regarding USB connector:

Perhaps this will be a "bridge" connector to go between the current, full sized 30 pin connector and the rumored smaller 19 pin connector. Notice the drawing shorts across several pins of the 30 pin connector and by so doing leaves only 19 conducting paths. Hmmmm. So on one side they have this new, modified 19 pin connector in the existing 30 pin form and the other side could sport the new 19 pin smaller connector for all iOS devices going forward.

Apple has already done the same idea with the new Mag Safe to Mag Safe2 connector.

The pins that are linked together end up totalling 19 pins. Could be a 30 pin dock connector adaptor? I though't I'd heard rumours of new devices having a 19 pin connector. Maybe it's to allow a new cable to plug into an older device.

Isn't this a possibility of what's being talked about as a smaller pin connector for the next iPhone? They thought it'd be possibly a MagSafe style connector but an altered pin, shrunken version fits the bill.

Thanks for the feedback Marcus. However a close-up of the Micro USB pin configuration doesn't seem to match. Check out the link below to see what I mean:



Could the connector be this one here? http://store.apple.com/uk/product/MD099ZM/A

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