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Apple Files for Several Key iOS 6 Trademarks in Canada

1. Apple Files for Several Key iOS Trademarks in Canada
Apple trademark applications pertaining to their new iOS 6 applications and icons have surfaced in Canada this week. The trademark applications include those for Guided Access, Apple's new Maps icon with a turn-by-turn reference, Flyover and Passbook (name and icon). Our brief report presents the new icons and more.


Apple Files for Two New iOS 6 Icon Trademarks


Apple's new "Maps + Compass" icon shown below now illustrates a turn and arrow representing the app's new turn-by-turn feature.


2. Apple Files for Passbook and new Maps + Compass icon TMs in Canada


Two of the key Vienna Code descriptors noted in Apple's Canadian filing for Passbook list these interesting attributes:


20.5.16 Bank, credit or identification cards, bar-coded or not, magnetic or not

10.3.8 Wallets, purses


Yes, the iWallet cometh. When it'll actually arrive however, is another matter.



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