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May 12, 2012


Hi Anon. Thanks for your feedback. When we report on news from Hong Kong/China/Taiwan, we usually state that in our byline. We're not Euro-based, so it should be naturally understood that unless we state otherwise, the news is US based.

The title of the article is a bit misleading. Because the survey was only done in the U.S., How about the rest of the world? I want to agree about the risks of sharing too much info online, because sometimes i stalk friends on purpose to let them know about the risks of their generous online habit.

Rumors used to be called gossip. Now rumors are glorified and given way too much attention online. Chasing rumors is a sign that America is definitely dumbing down at an accelerated speed. It's online, it's in your politics. Shit for facts.

I like that 77 percent own a desktop and notebook and only 18 percent own a tablet. If you read the headlines on news sites and blogs you'd swear it was the other way around. Although tablets are trending up, it's still in the minority way down the hole.

Apple want's you to think that the products in the 77 percent don't matter because it's not what they're focused on and currently excel in. And companies like Apple who play with statistics should be fined. When a company like Apple has desktops up 15% (or whatever) based on a super low base number of existing desktops to begin with, why is that beating a trend from the PC industry? What a bunch of marketing crap is that. Go by how many units were sold. You'll soon see how useless their stats are. Does Cook actually think that we can't see this marketing spin for what it is? So, marketing crap pushed off as reality on the web is completely out of control.

Just to make a comment online with many sites today like zdnet or cnet requires way too much personal information. Forcing visitors to "sign up" just to make a comment on a site shows how crazy companies are getting just to get your name in their database. Making a comment on a site should be made easier with no strings attached. Some marketing asshole started this trend and most follow it. I think it's out of control.

I whole heartedly agree with too much negativity online with complaining about everything. People talking on their phones at inappropriate times annoys me. I try to limit who I give info to and will sacrifice a free app or service that asks too many questions.

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