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May 31, 2012


Obvious patent troll, there should be a healthy fine and penalty for proven patent trolls. I favor a mafia style hit man, but DOJ frowns on that.

I think I will patent the concept of: "A method of moving food from a plate to a mouth" Then I can sue everyone for royalties.

How dumb for the Patent Office to grant a patent that is so simple, that is not an invention.

Cathas Advanced Technologies should NOT have been awarded a patent for their common sense generic process. This is like patenting air. The folks at the U.S. Patent Office really need to have their heads examined for perpetuating stupidity like this. The criteria for awarding patents need to be tightened substantially to weed out obviously unpatentable claims.

This is not the same, as all macs have the dev tools built in upon sales. apple gives this freely. You must have your ideas for an app, and build it for approval.

Wow another baseless claim for infringement that has no bearing on what Apple Offers.

It's just a cash grab by another greedy lowlife.

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