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April 18, 2012


It's a rumor. That's fair. All of the good rumors now are coming from Asia where the manufacturing is. Makes sense. It's not much of a stretch and I'll buy it with liquidmetal as I will with Gorilla Glass 2. But a change would stir me on to the new iPhone quicker if it has a new look to it. The iPhone 4S was disappointing.

The korean Times got the basic story right about Samsung winning the lion's share of the iPad's retina display business and that Sharp really didn't make the cut initially.

The fact that Apple's agreement with liquidmetal has, from my understanding, expired sometime earlier this quarter, the timing of the rumor seems right.

I think that the iPhone 4's glass was very sharp when it debuted, but times change. The next iphone needs some new zip and liquid metal might be the answer.

Sounds like a nice upgrade for the phone making it kind of like a piece of jewelery and a phone at the same time T_bob

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