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April 04, 2012


The important change in strategy to note is that Intel is not just pushing chips to all comers like an arms merchant; Intel has created a new Windows-PC trademarked category called Ultrabook with a major marketing push behind it.

The entire PC industry will ride Intel's Ultrabook coattails, and I agree with Intel that there is significant upside replacement volume at the $700 price point and below, and at higher margins. By integrating a MacBook Air competitor, Intel will help to lift all boats in the PC industry. That's certainly good for investors.

Yes, the MacBook Air is a great device. I've owned one since 2008. It's about time a viable competitor appeared.

Think about it.
It is not about the MacBook Air.
This is Intel's response to the ARM prodessors used in the iPad, and about Windows 8 being written to run ARM processors.
This is Intel defending their turf, that is manufacturing processors.
They are painted into an x86 corner right now.

"Fwah fwah fwah Intel's MacBook Air killer," we've been hearing this for months now and does NOBODY see the glaringly obvious fallacy in this?

Apple is among Intel's major customers, and whatever the competition can buy from Intel, so can Apple. These folks managed to create largely the equivalent of Ultrabook technology a full two years before Intel commoditized it. Does everyone really think that Apple engineers have all just been sitting around on their hands doing nothing since then? No...just as the competition is playing catch-up against last year's model, Apple has access to all this same tech and will be pushing it to the next level. I'm sure these are all nice machines, but they're gonna get leapfrogged in no time at all.

Here is my version. Ultrabook - inspired by APPLE. Copied by INTEL.

In the field of marketing there is a truism: benefits, not features. The common way to express this is "sell the sizzle, not the steak." The Western commercial is the most worthless commercial I've seen since the Bill Gates/Jerry Seinfeld disasters.

Sure, there will be some die-hard Windows users who will replace their aging (<2 years old) computer with an ultrabook, but this "let's copy Apple" mania won't improve their overall sales or bottom line. At best it will cannibalize their own regular laptop sales.

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