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Apple Patents: Apple Store Structure, OLED Driver & MacBook Air

Apple Wins Patents for iPad Smart Cover, iTunes Store & More

1 - Apple Wins Patents for iPad Smart Cover, iTunes Store & More
The US Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of twenty-five newly granted patents for Apple Inc. today. The vast majority of today's granted patents would be considered utility based patents for things such as connectors, security, networking and more. Yet a few that stood out include Apple's second iTunes Store related patent in as many weeks and Apple's fifth win for Time Machine, their OS X based backup software. To close things off, Apple has been granted four design patents covering an in-store display structure and much more.  


Apple Wins another Important Patent for the iTunes Store


Apple has been granted their second patent for the iTunes Store in the last two weeks. Apple's patent 8,166,508 is for a content rental system and was originally filed in January 2008.


2 - Apple Wins their Second Patent for iTunes Store in Two Weeks

Specifically, the patent covers a content rental system which includes one data store for storing rental content. The content rental system also includes a content server for transferring content to one viewing device based upon a received request. The content server is further configured to authorize the transfer of the content from the viewing device to another viewing device.


Apple credits Hiro Mitsuji, Alan Ward, Mihailo Despotovic and, Sam Gharabally as the inventors of this patent.


Apple Wins Patent for Time Machine Backup Software


Apple has been granted their fifth patent (8,166,415) for Time Machine back up software.


3 - Apple Wins fifth patent for time machine backup software

Technically, Apple's patent covers methods and a computer program product for providing a user interface that includes earlier versions of data. In one implementation, a method is provided. The method includes receiving, while a current view is displayed in a user interface, a first user input requesting that a backup interface be displayed. In response to the first user input, the transition from displaying the current view in the user interface to displaying the backup interface is animated. The backup interface is displayed including a display area for presenting at least a first visual representation of an earlier version of the current view, where the earlier version includes a first element. While the backup interface is displayed, a second user input is received requesting that the current view be modified according to the earlier version. In response to the second user input, the current view is modified according to the earlier version.


To review Apple's twenty-six patent claims, see granted patent 8,166,415. Apple credits Senior VP of iPhone Software Scott Forstall and team members Pavel Cisler, Mike Matas, Marcel van Os, Gregory Christie, Kevin Tiene, Gene Ragan as the inventors of this patent which was originally filed in Q2 2007.  


Four Design Patents Issued to Apple


Apple has been granted several new design patents by the US Patent and Trademark Office today. The first is for an Apple Store Display Structure (D657,978). The structure appears to be designed to carry in-stock items under a demonstration table. This particular structure isn't available in all stores at present. Update April 30, 2012: A community member by the name of  "Willilam," was good enough to suggest that the store display noted below is used by partnering retailers who offer an Apple's Store-within-a-Store" presence. Here's one example. Thanks to "William" for that link. The second noteworthy design wins goes to Apple's iPad Smart Cover (D658,186) while the third design wins goes to Apple's iMac (D658,190).


4 - Apple Wins design patent for an Apple Store Display Structure

5 - Apple Wins Design Patents for the iMac & iPad Smart Cover

Two additional designs patents that Apple received today include the iOS based Newsstand icon (D658,195), as seen in our cover graphic, and a power adapter (D658,123), which is Apple's second win in as many weeks.


Final Patent Round-Up


Over and above the granted patents that were specifically reported on today, we present you with links to all of the other granted patents in our Final Patent Round-Up as follows:


8,166,472 Installation utility system and method


8,166,437 Automated pad ring generation for programmable logic device implementation of integrated circuit design.


8,166,397 Audio processing interface


8,166,324 Conserving power by reducing voltage supplied to an instruction-processing portion of a processor


8,166,236 Merging command signals for memory cells


8,166,144 Network identification and configuration using network signature 16


8,166,138 Network evaluation grid techniques


8,166,065 Searching metadata from files


8,166,037 Semantic reconstruction


8,165,642 Electronic device with data-rate-dependent power amplifier bias: Apple's invention relates generally to wireless communications circuitry, and more particularly, to wireless communications circuitry that makes power amplifier bias adjustments.


8,165,634 Female receptacle connector: Apple's invention relates to improved features for connecting a media player to external devices (like an iPod dock).


8,165,546 Communicating radio presets between a portable media player and an accessory


8,165,321 Intelligent clip mixing: Apple's patent relates generally to the mixing and playback of multiple audio streams.


8,165,286 Combination white box/black box cryptographic processes and apparatus: Apple's invention relates to data security and cryptography and more generally to improving the security of computer enabled cryptographic processes and algorithms.


8,164,967 Systems and methods for refreshing non-volatile memory


8,164,932 Power converter with automatic mode switching


8,163,990 Methods, programs, storage media and systems for recording and compiling a music section


8,162,688 Connector receptacle housings having reduced-wear finger contacts and reduced seam visibility: invention provide structures, methods, and apparatus for connector receptacles that have a reduced tendency to scratch and otherwise cause wear to connector inserts, have an improved tactile response when connector inserts are inserted, and have an aesthetically desirable appearance.


Apple Has Won a Retail Packing Design Patent in Canada


6 - Apple Files for Retail Packaging Design Patent in Canada

A retail packaging patent of Apple's has been registered in Canada, which is the US equivalent of being "granted." The registration number is 142224. If someone is familiar with what this packaging is for, then let me know. Update April 25, 2012: Macite Wil Genovese confirms that the packaging is for the iPad's Smart Cover. When I purchased my new iPad the Apple Store rep put it all together for me in the store and threw out the packaging. Ha! I should have paid closer attention. Thanks Wil for contacting Patently Apple with your feedback.



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