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April 21, 2012


Don't the Apple Newton patents pre-date this patent?

This will never stop until judges start punishing these frivolous law suits with some serious fines for the offenders, say jail tme for fraud with a 6 figure fine.

Just a comment on the patent system. A patent owner owns a government granted limit-term monopoly. Ownership is what counts. Just as it's illegal for someone to procure and use your property is illegal even if you're not using it.

The patent inventor was not involved in the suit. A patent troll bought the patents and is now trying to make money out of thin air. Who knows, there may some stupid judge out there who wants ten minutes of fame.

The only thing this patent has related to Apple is a couple of the words. Its talking about a game for kids and used motion sensors in the edges to sense motion (like the surface) compared to a capacitave grid screen.

Sorry, but the idiots are beginning to run the asylum and these moral less lawyers are pushing it as fast as they can. Ben Franklin was right.... first you shoot all the lawyers. LOL


Get rid of the trial lawyers – plus make the courts like in England – the loser of a lawsuit pays the other party, including their costs. After all, didn’t the USA get their laws from England originally?

They must’ve forgot this one, or a bunch of ambulance chasers changed it.

@ Philip. I'm sure that patent trolls shoot for the biggest target first. These guys will eventually go after everyone. Good luck if they think their technology is relevant anymore.

What about all the millions of other laptops with touch pads?

I would think that Microsoft Surface would be more concerned about this patent.

Really, did this guy just wake up a month ago after a 5 year nap??

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