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Apple, Steve Jobs, Win Design Patent for Shanghai Store Design

1 - Apple, Steve Jobs, Win Design Patent for Shanghai Store Design
Apple has many flagship stores in high profile locations around the world such as New York, Beijing, London, Paris, Montreal, Chicago, Sydney and Zurich. Today, the US Patent and Trademark Office granted Apple a design patent for their flagship Shanghai Apple Store which opened its doors in September 2010. One of the designers credited for this incredible architecture is the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs.  


Apple Granted a Design Patent for their Shanghai Apple Store


2 - Apple Granted Design Patent for their Shanghai Apple Store by US Patent Offic

3 - Apple granted design patent for Shanghai Apple Store - 2

4 - Apple granted design patent for shanghai apple store 3


A Rear View Photo of Apple's Shanghai Store


5 - Photo of the backend of Apple Store Shanghai 2010

The Inventors of the Shanghai Store include the late, great Steve Jobs, Senior Director, Retail Real Estate and Development Benjamin Fay, Peter Bohlin, David Andreini and Karl Backus of Bohlin Cywinski Jackson who created and designed many of Apple's landmark stores, Robert Bridger, Apple's ex-Senior Vice President of Retail Operations Ronald Johnston and James O'Callaghan.


Steve Jobs' love and fascination for glass structures will extend on through to their new headquarters now in development.


Apple Chalks More iPod Design Wins


Last week Apple was granted a series of design wins for various iPod designs and the streak continues.


6 - Apple is granted 3 more patent wins for older iPod designs

Apple has been granted design patents by the US Patent and Trademark Office for their 2005 iPod nano, 2006 iPod nano and another for their iPod Classic


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Marc Driftmeyer

@Architect: You don't know Steve Jobs. Working for him twice, he designed much at NeXT, Apple and their manufacturing facilities for NeXT [entirely], the original Apple Manufacturing facilities and not surprisingly unique architectural pieces.



1) What part of Design Patent from the US Patent Office don't you get?,240.PN.&OS=PN/D656,240&RS=PN/D656,240

2) I doubt that the architect had the vision for what Apple wanted. I think that too many architects get credit for client ideas.

3) I think that I smell snobbery and contempt.

Chauffeur Architect

Patent? The works of an architect or author are protected by a copyright, but not a patent. And although every client contributes his input, I doubt that Steve Jobs possessed special architectural talents in addition to his other talents. (Too many clients are unjustly attributed the credit for the talent of their architect.)

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