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February 28, 2012


To Engineer, So right on vs the Microsoft / Apple agreement. Most people have no idea about that. I think it also allowed Apple to do Boot Camp to link into Microsoft software on Apple systems. Notice how Microsoft never yelled about that.??

It will be interesting to see how these and other patents play out in future court issues.

Every Android device violates the multi-touch patent, I believe. So, google has already come out with "tablets" that violate them.

The "bailout funding agreement" was a massive cross-licensing agreement. This is why there have been no lawsuits since then-- Apple and Microsoft gave each other cross licenses to their entire patent portfolios (or it appears it was the whole portfolio) in exchange for Microsoft directly paying Apple Billions of dollars over 5 year (With a tiny, public, $150M investment in restricted stock. Apple had $1B in the bank and open credit, so $150M in restricted stock was not a "bailout")

Liked to see Apple sue Google, when, if ever, they come out with a tablet using these newly acquired patents.

"Bailout funding agreement" ignores the stipulation that Microsoft would abandon professional video software after being caught repackaging (with Intel and San Francisco Canyon) Apple's Quicktime Code as Video for Windows.

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