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February 22, 2012


@ David. That's a good point that only a lawyer could answer. On the surface, however, it appears that Google doesn't care about legal wranglings. They seem to be the new patent-arogant player in the market surpassing Apple.

@ Huhster. The patent is about Multi-Touch gestures not just a trackpad like mouse. Huge difference.

Every version of Linuix works with a touchpad why would Android be any different ? Android has supported touchpad/mouse with a cursor since Honeycomb, none of this is a surprise, you can already by netbooks that run Android.

This seems like something Apple or Microsoft would already have covered with their own patents. How might these previous patent holders impact Google's patent?

I see more Apple lawsuits over multi-touch if Google takes Android into more hardware platforms. 2013 should be a critical year for current lawsuits. Should Apple get favorable rulings I expect they will try and get "damages" from Google. Currently those with expertise are favoring Apple slightly in their odds.

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