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February 24, 2012


@ Luc. I think the idea is to touch the word you want to search first which would likely freeze the screen for you to circle it etc and then unfreeze once your search is in progress. I don't think Google would be that dumb as you suggest. Is that iPad app from Apple? Likely not. So when it's from the originating OS maker, it's a different matter altogether.

Try doing this on an iPad. The screen moves all over the place when you do this as it thinks you are scrolling the document.

Isn't there a web browser in tha app store that already provides that level of functionality. Believe the way it worked was, you created custom gestures as shortcuts to for example do a search ? .....though this seems to take it a but further with " content awareness" hopefully they can somehow simplify the gestures by minimizing the strokes needed.

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