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February 20, 2012


Wait Glenn, Where did I write 'all' iOS devices?
And I did not even utter the words 'All' for the Android market either...
Read it next time, keep your assumptions to yourself kid.

Do people think Google is copying Apple with this? I mean it's not like Google has been working on voice command for several years. It's not like Android had voice command before iPhone. Nah, let's just pretend.

"Not to mention the hardware fragmentation of where Majel may or may not work on"

Because Siri works on all iOS hardware ....oh no wait a minute.. I think you just shoved your foot in your mouth

3rd Dude...
Totally agree... Majel has been in the lab 5 years... yet is only emerged in fragmented implementation after Siri was acquired, integrated into iOS and then then rolled out a year later as a core controller for iPhone and soon to be iPad and MBP, iMac etc,.
It's good to be first, doesn't mean they get it right..
And even side by side voice command tests with the Google and Windows versions, only Siri gets it right. Not to mention the hardware fragmentation of where Majel may or may not work on... Happy days!

Google copying Apple AGAIN? Why am I not surprised...

Guess what.. Google had voice control, voice to text long before apple bought the tech from another company. Even the Woz says Siri cant compete with Googles voice recognition. Siri often gets him wrong fro the same things he says to his Galaxy Nexus and it gets it right on the first try. Then there is MS. They have some sick voice control and the kinect is a prime example. Apple was late to the party and is still behind.

@Eric Why would Google say that when they've been working on projectr Majel for over 5 years?

This is not surprising seeing as Android already has several siri competitors, SpeakToIt Assistant is at least as good if not better. Not to mention Google's own project Majel is supposed to blow everything else away.

Wait a second! I thought Goolge and Microsoft both said The function like Siri is useless and they don't care for it. Now they are going to have their Siri copy??!!

It will be hilarious when the tv responds to the speeches of the actors in the movie.

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