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February 06, 2012


From a cursory overview of the patent and it's many areas of application, starting on page 37 of this patent, it appears Apple and it's LLVM/Clang architecture is poised to optimally scale processing units to their deepest pipelines and thus reduce power consumption and unleash processing efficiency to perform n-scaling tasks across CPUs, GPUs, DSPs, etc., and apply the most optimal approach, by the compiler, to each type of processing unit [all managed below the Application Layer thus taking your own code and loop optimizing it for you for both static and dynamically aggregated registers].

By adding information into the streams that inform the CPU how to best optimize the code the CPU can fill it's deep pipelines at the machine code level in a best use scenario--the fewest cycles of energy and time consumed by finding the optimal path solutions.

It reminds me of Dijkstra's shortest path methods in Linear/Non-linear Optimization problems. If you ever took a class in Linear Programming [Operations Research] all centered around applied principles of Optimization.


This macroscalar agnostic approach to scaling requests to the available processing units by providing pertinent information of loops and blocks to the processing unit, then allowing the processing unit to apply the optimal path between power consumption and time to return the requests would allow developers to program at a higher level while adhering to the optimized design methodologies of LLVM Core

All this software optimization aside, it seems clear that Apple has plans for future SoC designs where the investment in LLVM/Clang allow OS X and iOS to provide the best and most energy efficient user experience out-of-the-box thus allowing developers to leverage this ``marriage'' of the LLVM/Clang infrastructure to whatever combination of processing power available to any device Apple sells by adhering to the described design principles and implementation being developed under the LLVM group of projects. Chris Lattner most recently stated that the name LLVM is now just for posterity as the original scope of the project has far surpassed it's intentions and to change it to the new collection of focus would make for a very long acronym.


Anybody who has any sense will stick with Apple's products for the simple reason, Apple looks at its products holistically from hardware to software to end-user!!!

While all the other gadget makers create Frankenstein Monsters!!!

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