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January 17, 2012


I was reading Ars Technica's report today and I think that they over thought their position. The reality is that this report is more or less presenting the news that Apple was granted a patent for Apple TV. It's something that's done on this site every Tueday relating to newly granted patents.

The report points to what Apple was thinking about in 2006 and that they may have to eventually work with cable operators.

Obviously since 2006 Apple has worked on several other patents that point to new on TV menus which would indicate something tightly integrated with regular TV scheduling. That doesn't mean that Siri or iCloud won't be real options. They likely will.

I think that Apple's Apple TV box is a secondary solution in the home at the moment and that most will continue to use their cable provider. If Apple wants a "mass market" TV, it has to be a regular HDTV first and all of Apple's wiz-bang features a secondary option to ease people into using Apple TV more and more. I like cable TV and my DVR allow me to skip commercials I'm not interested in.

Apple being granted a patent on Apple TV with DVR capabilities is interesting, but by no means can a six year old patent feature be scrutinized to death (by Ars Technica or anyone) in respect to what's coming in 2012-2014. It's just an interesting look back and in a way, DVR-like capabilities can be mimicked with an iCloud solution. But for the sake of a patent, the two are alike.

What's noticeable is the patent was lodged in 2006, almost 6 years ago, and far further developments in the iTV project have no doubt been made since then so there is a lot more to play out in the Apple TV stakes.
Personally when thinking about it, the Apple TV hardware move was 'reset' to a little black SSD box which will subsequently be integrated into a possible iTV panel [In beautiful aluminium!]. Along side its stand alone hardware iterations.

Interesting development, it will be fancinating to see just what TV (type) we will be using by 2020.
Beyond concept at this time... Maybe...

@ AGx. Well said. I can appreciate what Apple,Google,Msft or others are inventing without having to bash any of them. There's a certain amount of copying being done by all.

@ Free Speech: You stated "I have never seen a more daring band of thieving criminals like the android gang over at Google."

You're obviously a fanboy and a troll. This article had nothing to do with Google or Android. Why can't you just enjoy what Apple is doing without bashing another company for absolutely no reason at all.

I think that many missed the point of this report. This patent doesn't represent what Steve Jobs talked about to Isaacson. This is just to show that this is one of the foundational Apple TV patents with Steve Jobs' name on it to show that it was a key project that Steve worked on until he died. This is a granted patent report, not a new patent application. The context speaks for itself.

Even in death, the great Steve Jobs still creates. Legend !!!
But wait, it won be long before Google steals the idea/intellectual property and bundle it on to an "android" tv or google tv.
I have never seen a more daring band of thieving criminals like the android gang over at Google. They probably dress in balaclavas and black overalls to their staff meetings

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