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Patently Apple Asks for Your Patience While we're Under Construction

1 - Patently Apple Asks for your Patience While we're Under Construction
Patently Apple is making some changes over the next quarter and some glitches are bound to occur during that time. We ask for your patience. Thank you. Beyond that, see our message after the break.  


Change is Always Fun


Well okay, change isn't always fun. But in our case, we're trying our best to have a little fun while we advance our site in a number of little ways. While the changes may or may not ring right with everyone, change is inevitable. The changes we're beginning with are mostly cosmetic, though as you could see by now, we're working with a very cool ad company.


About our New Ads


We tried to time this notice prior to the ads commencing, but they beat us to the punch. A number of great interactive ads were released tonight that are very cool. Some of the new ads require you to mouse over the ad and then remain there for a 3-2-1 count. At that time the interactive ad opens on our site in a semi-transparent window to present you with more details about a particular product, be it from Mazda, Mercedes, Fido Canada, Nike, VH Sauces or a Hollywood Studio promoting a new movie with a cool trailer. I personally love these ads as they're original and carry some great brands.


New Interactive Mazda Ad


See the count down in progress in the Fido Canada Ad below as an example. See the number 2 in the top yellow bar as it's in the 3-2-1 countdown phase to open the interactive ad. Just remember to keep your mouse in place over the new ad until it opens up.


EXTRA - Fido Canada Ad in a count down, see the 2 in the circle

While I fully realize that you come to Patently Apple to read about Apple's latest and greatest patent news, there's the reality that we need to generate some form of ongoing revenue if we're to add more value to the site over time. If we want to help out, all you have to do is interact with some the cool interactive ads. It's that simple.  



Send in your Suggestions


Beyond our new ads, we've revised our banner and we're going to add a new navigation bar to it sometime in Q2. Other changes that we're considering will likely debut in Q2 as well. In the meantime, if there's something that we've missed or something that you might like to see on our site, we invite your feedback in our comment area. We'll read your comments but we won't publish them so that your information remains private.


A Hearty Thanks to all of our Fans


I'd like to take a personal moment to thank everyone that supports Patently Apple from around the world, including the many referring sites that work with us every week. I personally start off every morning, no matter how busy I am to click on every new Twitter email notice that I receive. I love seeing a new face from a new country that's so passionate about something. Some make me laugh out loud while others fascinate the hell out of me. At the end of the day, I just wanted to say thanks for making each week so much fun and I hope that you'll continue to spread the word about our site.  


Cheers for now!

Jack Purcher


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