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January 11, 2012


Wow. I still remember the times when Kodak and Apple worked together, Apple released their QuickTake 100, and Kodak their respective model. There was digital cameras before that, but it was Kodak and Apple which begun starting that market. Though Apple quickly walked away from it, after the QuickTake 200.

Even do remember that Apple had an QuickTime API/OS just for cameras to use, but never got enough info on that in detail.

And know kodak sue them they did work with?

IMHO (In My Humble Opnion): This is nothing more than Kodak looking to show the value of its patents as it moves to selling or liquidation/breakup of he company. It's basically telling Apple, HTC, and others, hey, you want to use these patents as a club? Come buy out portfolio. Nothing more.

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