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January 12, 2012



I wouldn't rely on how Apple presents their IMO for how they'd handle an iOS, OSX or application 3D Homepage. Apple's Instant Messaging isn't true 3D anyways. So it's a terrible example. As I've stated earlier, you're a naysayer and so this type of response was kind of expected. Yawn.


Apple do build great UIs, but IMO they rely too much on skeuomorphs that are distracting and add little to the usability of the application. Most of this behaviour is 3D animation too, so I don't hold out any real hope that a complete 3D Ui done by Apple will add value - it hasn't so far.

Very cool video. Nice images that really get the imagination fired up. Kudos to you and Ben's little app.

i just want a waterproof iPhone.

Very cool. The fight for the interface of the future (or the many interfaces of the future) is well underway. Siri will be reading your lips, and possibly your thoughts.

@ Spangle.

With your naysaying attitude, Steve Jobs would have said, MP3 players are already out there, what can we do? What Apple did was reinvent the MP3 player and did it "right."

With your naysaying attitude, Steve Jobs would have said, we did Newton and Microsoft did tablets. It just doesn't work. What Apple did was reivent the PDA and Smartphone and did it "right."

I'm so tired of naysaying dopes who are supposedly Apple fans. I remember Phil Schiller mentioning the "naysayers" when introducing the iPad and you know, there are as many naysayers in the Apple community as there are on the PC side. And that's too bad considering that Apple overcame so many obstacles to prove they can reinvent what others can't.

The bottom line is this: if Apple decides to introduce a 3D environment on iOS devices, they'll do it right! Some of us know Apple's history of spitting in the faces of the naysayers. And I for one, absolutely love it!

3D interfaces have been tried so many times and have always failed. 3D UIs don't offer any efficiencies above a normal 2D UI and usually add complexity and poorer rendering as GPUs require fixed bitmap sizes and don't have pixel perfect accuracy.

This is just like augmented reality, sounds cool and demos well, but who uses it in real life?

Some things are right as they are, books don't need to be 3D for example. Keep the GPU for games, not useless eye candy.

iOS doesn't necessarily mean mobile--expect to see this on an Apple TV (console or display) first.

kudos on the graphic. Dig it.

I would assume that the intention of the adaptor with the arm is that you leave it plugged in the wall and the device sits on it when charging so that it doesn't need charging cables or use desk space.

When devices use Siri, there could be no requirement to touch them ( Siri could be active by default while charging ), so you only need to support the device in such a way that it can be viewed, rather than touched.

@ doramjan. Apple's 3D GUI will be done right and crush all that came before it. Apple is a genius at UI design. You should know that by now!

This reminds me a *LOT* of BumpTop. It's probably a crowded tech area...

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