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January 19, 2012


@Huhster: Nuance provides a speech-to-text component. How that component is put together is not being patented in this patent; I'm sure Nuance has patented that process/method. Instead, the use of such a component in conjunction with many other described (and named) components is being patented by Apple in this patent.

@ Huhster. That's a good question. Yet if you look at many products like an iPod or iPhone "iFixit" breakddown, you see that a product will use parts from different companies that I'm sure are licensed. So it's not the parts but the whole that matters. If you've created something unique collectively, and the brains behind it (software) is mainly yours, I could see how it could be patentable. Nuance didn't create an intelligent assistant like Siri. So there's no conflict here at all.

How does Apple patent something they license from Nuance ?

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