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December 29, 2011


This patent further demonstrates Apple's lead in innovation.
The clone manufacturers haven't even considered the though of an actively functional bezel as part of the device as a whole. They simply see it as a frame. No doubt they will clone these patented features quicker than blowflies to a bog hole.
Of course they will call it their idea and they they're innovating... As they have done since they trail Apple's innovations...

Hi Ramdsika,

Being that it's a patent application, it might take a little longer than 2012. I would love it in 2012 myself. But it might be a little too soon. That doesn't mean that we couldn't see aspects of it being implemented though.

Cheers Ramdasika

I cant wait to see this Bezel in action in the next ipad as I was waiting for an ipad with a quad core processor,sir and something new like this.I am definitley going to buy this next gen Ipad

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