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December 09, 2011


@ Rich.

I took a look at the granted patent you spoke of and there's no mention of a handheld device or notebook. The invention covers stuff like a car windshield and airplane wings. Apple's patent is completely different. Patents relating to DSL cameras cover cleaning "dust" off an internal sensor. Again, it has no bearing on Apple's patent.

There are numerous patents that seem to encompass the technology covered under Apple's patent here. The camera sensor cleaner is one, and there another more general one -patent US7770453.

@ Tom

There's a section called "Self-Cleaning Sensor Unit" in the link below and it's restricted to Dust. There's no mention of removing grime. Huge difference Tom. Apple's approach is a little more sophisticated.


This patent seeems much closer to what's used for the sensor in a dSLR, that already use ultrasonic sounds, collection of debris etc to clear off grime off the sensor.

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