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December 29, 2011


I see that Androiders can't read. Yes, Google might have tried to pull this off first but FAILED by a simple static photo of the owner. Can that be any more Google-like? It's pure garbage. Get over it. If you praise crap like that, no wonder you pull your hair out screaming at Apple, because you know that they'll get it right. Hahahahaha.

Sounds a lot like something Google's already doing...?

not to sound like a troll, but didn't android do this one already?

Isn't this already available on Android?

Who is this copycat, a slavish one at that, Apple?

I think that previous patents to embed ccd sensors in the 4th spot of an RGB screen are a better design choice to provide an improved method using at a minimum a stereographic if not a multi point 3 dimensional imaging capability. Not to mention you could also use different types of sensors such as infra red so you could compare a heat signature as well. Also the "new" interface for apple tv that would require such integration points to something like this to extend the capability to compete in a novel way with products like kinect.

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