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November 16, 2011


To "Yes": Steve Jobs provided the info to Isaacson. So, how you think it played out isn't relevant in contrast to Steve Jobs' account of what actually happened.

Regarding your article. It is my understanding iPad was conceived first so why would ipod iphone would be in competition. No way does it make sense. ipad design patent is from 2004.

@ anon

I know that you don't live in a bubble anon and so I know that you must be aware of excitable sites like DailyTech that do nothing but rant and rile their fans up to spit blood at anything Apple.


So excuse me if I have a little fun with these Android-Heads. I'm talking to the fanatics Anon, not the average level headed business minded Android user. Take it in stride anon.

Cheers and thanks for your honest feedback that reflects the thoughts of most Androiders.

I enjoyed reading this article until this part:

Then the Android-Heads came out in full force freaked out over this feature being patented. I won't link to these sites to give them any more traffic over this, but it's safe to say that some went completely overboard. These guys foam in the mouth with hate for Apple and the late Steve Jobs – make no mistake about it.

What ever happened to unbiased reporting?

Just finished the biography couple of days ago, you are absolutely right some of the bits are rather exaggerated but the prolific insight into operations is brilliant.

@ Dopey.

I too have problems with a lot of Isaacson's book, believe me. But unlike you, I believe Steve had more of a hand in it's creation that's let on to be. That said, you have to take the good and the bad and try to balance it. If you're a Steve Jobs purist, then I get how you don't like it. Especially in respect to the Reality Distortion Field. But Steve's own inner circle admitted to it's existance and at times celebrated it. So you could only deny its existance for so long. And that's the problem with writing a biography while your enemies are still alive - ha! The book gets side tracked with too many people's view points from the sidelines.

I enjoyed Steve's awesome presentations over the last 14 years or so and I've appreciated most Pixar movies and the fact that Steve was always seeking to explore and push the limits to find the Next Great Thing. The personal stuff in the book was a little too much for me at times, I confess. But when the book sticks to business it was an interesting read.

Half of Isaacson's bookbook is spin by apple opponents and steve jobs haters that Isaacson reprints verbatim--- like gate's claim that NeXT wasn't the basis of OSX. It's Pure baloney.

Genre leading report there. So many poor imitators out there, but you're stamping your own ground. Love it.

This is just awesome thanks for sharing.....

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