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November 30, 2011


I suppose. But if my legal team was surprised at this juncture, I'd seriously be considering a new team. Not that this has anything to do with article or the disputes. I just think "surprised" more than likely overstates things of which we don't know. But it isn't like I have any insider information to counter the claim.


Considering that Apple filed 2 patent infringement cases against GPH first, I think that Apple was trying to quash the coming case. We don't know what's in Apple's complaint, but GPH struck by surprsie and successfully so in Delaware. It's very possible that Apple legal was surprised, as they're fighting and have their focus on Google/Andoid on multiple fronts.

Broken or no, the system exists to iron out such disputes. The only question I really have is, do you really think they "surprised" Apple?


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