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November 27, 2011


Hi Bernard,

Thanks for your follow-up comment.

In context you stated that you weren't "referring to that part (including iPad sales or not in the PC category)..." Well Bernard, That's the context of my so-called "harshness." I appreciate your viewpoint, but that's not where the spin is occuring. It is taking the iPad stats and magically equating them to traditional PC units in order to overtake HP. That's the lunacy. Everything else you're saying is beside the point.


Hi Jack,

I was not referring to that part (including iPad sales or not in the PC category); I agree with you that it's a sterile, useless debate.

My point is that, if we focus solely on the Mac side of Apple's business, despite only 5% market share, it's still very healthy and with an unexpectedly tremendous growth in the few last years. The Wall Street types also tell us that the 5% market share in volumes translates into 13% of "Dollar-share". Profit share must be even more impressive.

But much more impressive than the figures is the fact that Apple's Mac is setting the tone for where the PC products are heading to: See the design of HP Envy (quite well-named) or all the competitors struggling to make WinTel 'ultrabooks', most often by shamelessly copying the MacBook Air... Or look at Windows now planning to replicate Apple's model of AppStore for the Windows PC platform.

So, yes, perhaps Apple somewhat lost the desktop war but it's a defeat that tastes rather sweet, after all.


Duh, the iPad. Does your guitar hero axe use an iPad? I didn't think so.

What is original about this guitar? Lets hope someone at the patent office has played guitar hero.

Hi Bernard, thanks for your feedback. In response to your perception of my "harshness."

Apple has been surging for 10 years and yet they're still under 10% of the traditonal PC market. Apple is the largest mobile devices company in the world. So falsely cramming their iPad stats into the tradtional PC category to make Apple sound like they're winning the tradional PC market and surpassing HP, is the dumbest form of reality distortion that I've ever heard.

That kind of spin is best left to the financial wizards of Wall Street. There's no need for this kind of distortion. It's an attempt, by some, to help pump AAPL's temporary falling financial numbers on NASDAQ due to the bad economic news around the globe. But if you need to believe in fairy tales, Bernard, C'est la vie - that's life. But it is what it is: Pure distortion.


I don't understand the harshness of your remarks around the "dismal five percent of the PC market". Yes it's a fact that Apple's share is dwarfed by Windows' but the story is that those Mac sales are surging phenomenally, growing impressively faster than the whole PC-market, so why so negative?

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