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October 01, 2011


Intel continues to inflate it's capabilities and ultimately shows it's garbage capabilities in the areas of advanced graphics and GPGPU research.

The real question will be, ``When does Apple buy AMD?''

Apple is investing more and more research into immersive displays and holography as you well have seen glimpses in patents.

AMD is betting the farm on the merging of CPU/GPGPU. Apple made this a reality with OpenCL.

If Apple doesn't buy AMD outright, they should buy a large stake into the corporation as they have investments in ARM and ImgTec.

Sorry, but the advances of LLVM/Clang have already made Intel dump it's own ICC Compiler Suite knowing that AMD and ARM have already put GCC on the back burner with being all-in with LLVM/Clang.

These advances in Software are primarily being driven by Apple's aims and the rest are playing catch up.

Intel is trying to make noise because of the major announcements just released by GlobalFoundries and it's joint relationship with IBM, Samsung, TSMC and more. Even Intel is investing and of course in their own conferences speak nothing of the investment.


Apple benefits by watching all these members fight over their contracts.

@ Skylark. Every comment should have the chance to be first. A new comment being listed last is, in my view, a negative experience for the commenter. Everyone should have the chance of having their comment at the top. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

Thanks for the feedback Skylark. Much appreciated.

Interesting read, thank you Jack.

Why is it that I get to read the articles from top to bottom (nice) but have to read the comments bottom to top (not nice).

Other than that, Patently Apple is outstanding. Thank you.

@ Adam. I've been covering IDF events for years and have pointed out the many jabs that Intel has taken at Apple when no other site had. Sometimes it's good to laugh, Adam, since Steve Jobs has had his moments during his keynotes laughing at the competition. So lighten up.

In the big picture, you should view the context of Otellini's statement as sad, really. Intel is so under the gun due to Apple's iPad that they felt that they had to take a swipe at Apple just to remind their developers that there's a world beyond "there's an app for that." Ha!

Anyways, I see that you're an overly sensitive Mac Cultist/Purist, and to me, that's as bad as being a member of today's Tea Party. Confident Macites can take a friendly competitors comment in stride.

Is ARM going to sit idly by for 2 years? Or AMD for that matter?

Across the board things will improve. Not sure if the 20x reduction was just standby power (there was an interesting research project on cutting normal power usage for tablets and phones by a decent percentage by jiggering with wifi's power usage - many such improvements make a better overall battery life).

Ivy Bridge next year will benefit laptops and desktops. Intel has 2 issues it's giving itself 2 years to sort out - on chip graphics and power usage. Having lots of x86 applications means much less if they need redesigning for a new form factor. See Android's high app count but low native tablet app count. The number of native x86 tablet apps is even lower. And kinda linked to Win developers using Win8 which isn't out.

So if you develop for an OS that's in beta for a chip that's 2 years away..? Intel's rallying cry reminds me of when an intel dev held aloft an intel chip running MID to try and counter all the talk about iPhone. This was years ago.
Till Haswell, quad core, 5 core ARM chips are going to have a field day.

"and Otellini just slapped Apple in the face without ever using their name: Touche."

Try not to be funny, Apple has been the underdog and it still is today with just above 10% of the market in the US.

And you really think Apple will just sit still and maybe with what you are implying just let intel of whatever roll over them after achieving so much for the past few years.

Since I am at it why not change the mast head for your blog and called it MS thinks different.

@ Ken.

Apple picked up a lot of Windows users .... for the iPhone and maybe iPad. You mistake this for PC users leaving Windows. That's just a cultists way of seeing the world through rose colored glasses. The Ultrabook's third phase, as is pointed out in this report, will be extremely popular with us on the PC side. The prices will be affordable and the cool factor of metal thin notebooks will be as good if not better than Apple's. If you're a switcher, you're still in the minority boy. You don't speak for the majority, that's for sure. Good report by the way.

Apple is and will always have growth and this is due to OSX and IOS.

People don't want windows anymore and as we have seen and will see egg on the face of intel and Mocrosoft, the vaporware and B.S artists have played this card to many times with to many products that never came to market or have failed miserably.

Remember droves of consumers have now embraced Apple and it's products, those that have left Microsoft and those who have experienced the Apple way of great software and product desing will not switch back.

I was a Microsoft diehard, hated Apple until 6 years ago, I am still surprised that fo so long I didn't reliaze how well put together and smooth Apples software and hardware where.

I have never looked back and regreted my swiitch as with so many others I and very happy with Apple and it's offerings.

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