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October 28, 2011


Not to mention the argument coming from a region that prides itself historically on copying western products [pretty much everything!] and then making them cheaper for locals, or a local market at increased margins.
Not to mention having designs and prototypes leaked/missing from locally contracted manufacturers to suddenly pop up in the market prior to release of a new product... even a product that was never to be released.
It might be more of a case that the deal was done between Apple and Taiwan and China to distribute legitimate Apple products in those countries, in exchange for registration and enforcement of the associated patent claims and copyrights... Now only to find that they want to find ways circumvent those agreement and deals which were struck... by finding ways around the patents. It didn't take long did it?


The story is about your premier looking into Apple's patent. Not Google. Your Premier isn't going to investigate Apple's patent to protect it, but protect the Android makers. That's your Premier's decision, that puts a bad spotlight on the country doing the investigating. Period.

As I said,Taiwan is just ODM's that is helping andriod as well as helping iphone to manufacture phone, they get paid, and they manufacture. None of it is involved in against intellectual property as you said about it. I'm not being Nationalistic but this is the fact, and another fact is that you have written a sentence that is accusing copying as a national while you didn't investigate that Taiwan have put much effort at intellectual rights over the decade.if you want to blame who is copying, blame the American company Google.

@ Taiwanese

When your Premier basically states that they're going to investigate Apple's patent, it's definitely not to help Apple protect it. Don't be a hypocrite. It's about wanting to protect companies making Android devices in Taiwan. So who is kidding who here? Understand the context. And if you're still angry about it, then perhaps it's you being overly defensive and Nationalistic.

You state that: "I'm glad that they're looking into it and maybe they'll finally realize that copying IP shouldn't be a national practice"

The Taiwanese premier is concerned because Taiwanese enterprises are just ODM of a lot of devices that run Andriod.

It is NOT Taiwanese copying anything of Apple.

Phones would not be pocket compututers, and would still be cheap plastic... Though a lot of competitors phones still are....
If it were not for Steve Jobs vision with the iPhone.

@ Tamade

Where in this article did they "lump" mainland China, Taiwan and South Korea into one camp?

You should have stopped at "I support protecting IP." All I hear is peoople whining about Apple's patents. Google went out to buy billions of dollars worth of IP and they're the largest whiners.

Stop your whining, Apple gets sued all the time. So give me a break as if it's a one way street here.

Agreed. If the patents are stupid, or the patent law is stupid, then invalidate the patents or change the law.

BUT, if the concept of IP is stupid, then Google should open source the proprietary search IP its entire business is based on.

Just looking at those pics of 2007 "smart-phones" reminds us all how far away from this kind of creativity all the other OEMs were four years ago.

Actually you misquoted Einstein. "insanity" is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

Google and the hardware copy cats haven't a leg to stand on, IMHO.

While I support protecting intellectual property I must ask you to get the hell off of your high horse and stop pretending as if only the righteous almighty Americans are the only ones who care about IP and rest of the God-less evil world doesn't.

Also please DO NOT lump mainland China, Taiwan and South Korea (Samsung) all into one. They are as different as Russia, England and Spain.

Besides, as mentioned in your very own article, Google and Microsoft are two of the major copycats of Apple and they are both AMERICAN companies.

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