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October 20, 2011


audio cables for connecting optical digital devices for recording audio.

I agree with Jack. Could very well be for the next AppleTV <--> Apple HDTV combo.

Tom, it could relate to something Apple TV. Toslink, as I pointed out in my report, is usually in context wtih HDTV's. So ... why are you trying to put a square peg in a round hole and think of it as a Mac cable such as Thunderbolt? Cheers!

Hmm - on second looks - have a look much more like a TOSLINK cable than a mini displayport - the lozenge shapes bumps either side do look like a TOSLINK connector (picture on wiki) -seems that EIAJ optical is the generic name. Wonder if Apple were looking into using a Toslink style LightPeak connection (as an alternative to having the optical part of a mDP) - doesn't seem too far fetched, since originally we were seeing prototype LightPeak integrated into USB3 cables in previous demos of the technology.

It's a waiting game on whether/when LP/Thunderbolt becomes the new standard to replace the 30 pin connector - it'd be a big upheaval.

That looks very much like a Displayport shaped end - i.e. a Light Peak design. Which was optical till they found out they could get decent transmission speeds from copper.

Inductive charging

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