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October 13, 2011


Hi Drew, the patent I think you're referring to is here:


And no, I'm not aware of a Nintendo type of patent. But it'll be nice if Apple could figure that one out. I like FaceTime but would like to see Face-to-Face, like Apple's patent hints at.

Thanks for your great input Drew. Cheers.

There's a real need for dual cameras on the front of the device. The reason for this is to solve the "staring off into space" problem during video chat.

There's no way to make eye contact with the person you're Facetiming with because the camera isn't in the center of the screen. I understand in the past Apple has filed patents for putting a camera behind the screen but this solution seems barely feasible.

The real solution is two identical cameras placed symmetrically on opposite sides of the screen. A software or hardware module would then transform the two video streams in realtime to find the average, which would allow one to look at the center of the screen and appear to be looking at the camera (on both sides of the chat).

Are you aware of any patents like this? I know that the Nintendo DS uses dual cameras, but they're used to create a 3D video, not for this purpose. They're also both _above_ the LCD display, which wouldn't solve the chat problem.

Your thoughts?

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