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Apple May Have Acquired a Company to Advance 3D Photorealistic Mapping

1 -  Apple ...acquired a company to advance 3D photorealistic mapping
A new rumor that is now breaking states that Apple may have acquired a new high-end 3D mapping company that uses true photorealistic visuals which could integrate augmented reality. The company known as C3 Technologies already has the technology running on an iPad that was noted in a February 2011 video demonstration. The technology originated from a Swedish Military spin-off company that used the realtime photorealistic technology on their fighter planes.  


The C3 Technologies Video




Two recently published patents from Apple that respectively surfaced in July and August of this year illustrate that Apple has been keenly working on similar technologies. The acquisition of C3 Technologies could expedite the project for future versions of iOS devices. While Apple may not be going after Google's search service at the moment, it certainly now appears as if they may be taking aim at Google Maps. The technology advances shown in C3 Technologies video shows us that Apple could leap frog anything Google has today. Time will tell, but it sure looks very exciting.


While it was MacRumors who first touched on this story back in August 2011, it's the new 9 to 5 Mac report posted today that basically states that it's a done deal. In time we're likely to hear more of the details and facts surrounding this acquisition - but for now it looks very promising. Be sure to check out more videos here and here. There's also some very informative videos shown in Mark Gurman's 9 to 5 Mac report that are worth checking out.

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nice post guys..

C3 Tech is taking maps to a new level. Nice acquisition if it's true.

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