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October 24, 2011


Is Colwood Technology LLC a front company owned by Apple?

@ Melgross

Interesting that you state "why did they sell it to Colwood for that much less?" Where did you see a price in the report?

Hmmm. Well, if Strands refused to sell to Apple for what Apple was willing to pay, thinking that they would squeeze Apple because they were large and well financed, and instead had to sell to Co.wood for a price that was more on line to what apple was willing to pay, and then Apple bought it from Colwood, Strands has nothing to complain about.

It would seem to me that it was Strands who was attempting to do the nasty here. If the price to Apple was so important to them that they wouldn't budge on it, why then did they sell it to Colwood for that much less? Perhaps Apple saw that they were being held up, and declined the overinflated price.

I wouldn't be so quick to blame Apple here. My company had 43 patents that we developed. If we had decided to sell them (which we did when we sold the company some years later), we would either have asked a lot, and perhaps not sold them, or asked what they might have been worth, and would have sold them. It's up to the seller to decide what they want. It's up to the buyer to decide if it's worth that much to them.

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