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September 13, 2011


JoeNorth5 emailed me his comment associated with Engadget's take on Apple's patent presented above and I thought it would be rigtht to post it:

"Has Engadget Flipped? Apple's patent calls for an iPod sized portable device that works with presentations and possibly games. The patently apple site linked to another recent patent about such presentations and the ability to interact with elements on screen. This nonsense about xbox kinect is foolish. I have no idea how you call this a report. It's just a cheap shot at Apple. Though it's nice to know that Apple's patent got under your skin as well as the minions of Msft fans."

Good one Joe. It is nice to know that this report got under the skin of Xbox fans. Obviously Xbox fans can't read, as the patent doesn't even mention games. That's something that I personally added to the report. There's no comparison and it's a hoot to see these Xboxers act like characters in an XBox Zombie game. Ha!

Cheers Joe

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