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September 27, 2011


YES! LiveScribe is owned by a bunch of neanderthals! They have a strangle hold on their SDK making it impossible to CREATE your own custom templates, planners, sheets, etc.
Apple understands the end user far batter than LiveScribe ever will (For a nominal fee of course;)

Fantastic post! I've bookmarked your weblog as well considering I realized it is absolutely educational and I enjoyed reading your posts.

I'd personally love to be able to go through various Engineering problem sets that I can solve on traditional mediums and have the output reproduced on a digital device. It sure would aide in converting thousands of pages of Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, etc., work I'm actually refreshing to keep the brain sharp a much easier task to converting it to digital formats ala ePub [HTML5/XHTML1.1] and PDF to name but two.

I heard someone say to me that Apple would never design something that ugly. Yes, of course not. This is a patent application and not a design patent. What the pen is to do is the focus of this patent. Designs of devices are another application by itself and are usually found after the fact, after the product is in the market.

The idea of a great smart pen to help me doodle and write interests me. There's some on the market for the iPad and maybe they'll get better. But for now, I like the features in this patent and hope that we could get a real Apple Smartpen in the future.

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