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August 17, 2011


@ Mark. You report that "Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt has previously accused Apple of responding to Android’s success with lawsuits rather than innovation."

Any time I hear anyone at Google stating things like that I fall on the floor laughing. Here's the Judas of the tech industry, sitting on Apple's board, getting paid by Apple, and then screws Apple by going after the iPhone that Schmidt had fore-knowledge was coming. I'm surprised he's not in jail for that one.

All I see is Google copying Apple. So thanks for the great laugh mark. The 12.5 Billion that Google spent to get Motorola's patents is for what? Innovation? Ha! What a joke.

Google is giant Whiner. I hope to see Google actually innovate instead of Whine all the time. That would be refreshing.

At the end of the day, we're just on different sides of the coin on this one, Mark. But thanks for your honest opinion.

Its actually a war between Apple's iOS and Google's Androids OS. Google thinks that Apple's patents are bogus. Read our report: http://www.mark9.net/apples-bogus-patents-trying-to-target-androids-google/

Apple has prior art on this anyway, this is just a knee jerk reaction that won't go far.

Also from what I can tell most uses that they claim Apple is using don't exist directly through Apples hardware implementation, I really can't see anything they claim as being a direct threat to Apple.

Then I may be off, but I can't see how.

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