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August 29, 2011


Trademark is one thing, IP rights is another. So IMHO there isn't need to pay anything to Konqueror. It is rather interesting that RIM opposes to a defensive trademark. They used the term before Apple did? I doubt, at least not publicly.


Nobody created WebKit for Konqueror, that is ridiculous. OS X's development frameworks are all named ending in "Kit" … AppKit, UIKit, WebKit. The trademark filing is for the name of the OS X Web rendering subsystem, completely regardless of what code is used in that Web rendering system. In other words, it has absolutely nothing to do with the code of the WebKit project, which is almost 10 years away from its KHTML roots, and which has been used by dozens of other software projects, easily repaying its open source debt to the original authors of KHTML.

WebKit is the project that brought the World Wide Web to mobiles in 2007. Show some respect. Or at least halfway inform yourself about the topic you're blathering about.

They didn't call it WebKit. It's just the name "WebKit" that Apple is filing a trademark for, which is fine. Everyone can call it whatever they want. It's no different from Mozilla trademarking "Firefox". No other project can call their browser "Firefox", but they are free to use the code.

Move along, nothing to see here.

Webkit is Apple's! Why would THEY release as "open" source & not anyone else if it wasn't there's?

Wonder what the folks that created WebKit for Konqueror think about Apple filing trademark on their stuff. Hopefully Apple paid them in advance.

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