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August 04, 2011


I think that most people missed the fact that Apple notes that a wireless version of the system doesn't require a tower or "ferromagnetic core." Without the tower, it's just a slick slate and that's what most of us want. End of story.

There's a silly video going around from witricity that looks like a guy in a basement suite cobling together an inductive charging solution for an iMac. The video looks like a handyman talent show contestant. Nice in theory.

Apple keeps searching for a perfect solution. Until they do, they should work with a third party to get one out the door and into the Apple Store, now. HP has one, so what's the hang up?

Apple is always looking for a "magic" or "revolutionary" breakthrough. That's nice, but I'll settle for something "practical" when I need it, like now.

The 'charging tower' is a joke, right? This has to be a red herring patent. Please say it's so. The "Real" Apple inductive charger is a cool, slim pad that you just drop your devices on when you get home from work.

[ Let's hope so Rev. JP ]

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