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August 11, 2011


@ John. We went out of our way to state "pico-like" projectors in this report because the patent doesn't use the word "pico." So we don't know yet if Apple will adopt a pico projector or introduce something new. So I wouldn't jump to conclusions just yet.

The gestures associated with this patent application, John, are what makes this patent so unique to Apple. This feature won't be as easily copied by your average pico-projector company.

Thanks for your honest input, John.

Too bad phone projectors already exist. They only have to patent the hand gesture detection on the projector but watch out patenting stuff your not the author of.


Another magnificent, intelligent and productivity enhancement to an already beautiful communication system capability!!! Bring it on and Thanks Apple engineers!

Forget about using a projector for business use, I'd love one...for watching TV.

Between an iPhone/iPad and an Apple TV or maybe a Mac Mini/Time Capsule, they could radicalize TV and movies. Especially at home, but also on the road, in hotels. In a cottage. Etc.

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