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July 07, 2011


So it seems Apple have discovered/ developed a way to accurately determine the touch position a considerable distance above the touch panel! Increasing the sensitivity and distance up to 1-2 inches above the panel.
Excellent engineering.
So the future is not only about gestures and touching the panel... It's also what's happening above.

As for this not being 'real' drafting 2D/3D it's simply a matter of time my friends.

@Danny. Most of this patent appears to be for prosumers. Getting gnarly about it Danny is a little foolish.

What bollocks. As a CAD operator and 3D modeler, I don't see how this could actually be considered something a professional could use to produce precision documents.

What a great patent. It is no wonder Apple was so resolved in patenting it's original 2D gestures. They obviously had longer term plans for them that this patent now reveals.

The hardware solution to this will be an interesting one. :)

WoW, Talk about chills. It is about time Apple gave CAD users some love on IOs devices. I feel it is an untapped field.

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