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July 12, 2011


@ Alex. Horrid? Really now.

Apple's Steve Jobs stated on day one that over 200 patents supported the 2007 iPhone. Tim Cook repeatedly warned competitors that Apple would defend their patents. So don't go whining now that Apple is in court enforcing their patents. They warned their competitors not to copy their technology and so they have no one else but themselves to blame for landing in court with Apple.

Also, Apple's technology noted in this patent is different from the Pivot CRT patents of yesteryear and comparing them to Apple's current patents, as some sites are reporting today, goes to illustrate the level of hatred that others have for Apple - no matter what they legitimately invent. When it's a patent application you guys whine that it's not a real patent yet. When it's a real patent, you guys say that there's prior art and Apple cheated. You can't have it both ways.

Anyways, get used to Apple pounding their competition in the courts, as more of those 200+ iPhone/iPad patents are rolling in every week now. Ha!

Its become a cash cow for Microsoft doing something similar to HTC, its not surprising Apple would the same (aiming directly at Google's Android). It's a horrid patent.

@Rob Most people have common sense and/or ethics.

Apple's creating a giant mine field around iPhone and iOS devices. It will be impossible to make a touch device without stepping on some of their patents.

It's good to be an APPL shareholder :)

Amazing no one else but Apple would think to patent this.

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