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July 11, 2011


Great! They patented the tech behind in-text advertising.

Maybe outfits like Vibrant and Kontera will become less profitable and disappear when Apple begins to demand license fees.

This would be great for my learning to read toddler!


This puts a new light on one of your other recent reports:


Seems that they've been doing trials in the UK this year too:

It's worth noting that Rosum selected Global Locate's Hammerhead platform. Global Locate got acquired by Broadcom, and the iPhone 4 uses a Broadcom GPS
(iPhone 3GS was Infineon Hammerhead II GPS chip,replaced by Broadcom BCM4750UBG Single-Chip AGPS Solution).

So it's possible we'll see this in the iPhone pretty soon, being as Global Locate's been linked to two of the previous iPhone GPS chips.

This technology first surfaced in 2006 for Homeland Security:


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