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July 25, 2011


@wayne. You missed the point. Apple already has a virutal keyboard on the iPad etc. But that, like the example you present, is good for simple texting or email. For production work on Word or in Apple's Pages, you need to have a real keyboard to get anything done. Apple's patent pending technology aims to mimic the "feel" of a keyboard without the physical keys via air systems and acoustic pulse techniques. It's not about gimmickery and simple vibrations when you touch a key. It's like saying an old windows tablet is like an iPad. If you think that, then you're missing the point, by a country mile.

So what is this then, its a keyless keyboard.


this is a fantastic concept, you know why i like apple they build on ideas but regardless they satisfy the customers with sensational and quality product, the new name i would call apple is , Apple the perfectionist.

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