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June 16, 2011


Predicated on having the GPS chip on for longer periods of time (and it not being such a battery drain) - there are lots of LBS [location based services] possibilities. we've seen 3G chip power drain lower (remember the iPhone 3G's issues, and the sometimes need to manually control 3G on/off to conserve battery?)

Timing wise, delivering more LBS possibilities seems more useful post iMessages, post iChat/Facetime merging ina way - there's a lot of hardware and software in the pipe waiting Lion's release at the moment!

A background BT using app could be a valid alternative - as whilst GPS gives some location data, how many will be wanting to meet new people/potential partners where the GPS signal is good enough to locate them? Check in, or rough proximity, or actual known proximity due to being in BT / Bonjour range seems an alternative. We can await to see how well the location option for todo's goes down in iOS5. We'll be waiting for the APIs as usual - but then there's definite reason for that as Bertrand has mentioned in the past at WWDC.

We can knock Apple for their forays into social before - but they have the userbase. the iDevice userbase is huge - and Apple's MO is small incremental changes, raising the bar for all of its competitors. (e.g. see this in action regarding handset design, UI, and upcoming - RIMM is about to feel this regarding BBM vs iMessage (and the carriers too!)).

@FNugget - your initial point is 100% incorrect. The first line in the USPTO patent states:

United States Patent Application 20110142016

You can't miss it. Okay, you did. Read it again.

Thanks for your comment.

FYI, 20110142016 is the publication number, not application (12/638,908). Publications are publicly available on the patent office website.

I don't see how this is creepy though, if people already go to bars full of strangers. And college party drinking games. I like the icebreaker idea though. Sounds like a Wii party game.

This is just wild, i could see all kinds of off-label applications for this too like hunting fugitives (fugitive is 300 meters away and west of you)...but will it integrate with Ping?

This site is now in my list of must read sites. Great job making Apple's patent grants accessible and understandable!

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