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May 17, 2011


Here's a very intersting video. It makes you visualize the concept of the iPhone used as a wireless mouse as Apple's scanner patent illustrated in their patent graphics.


I think it is also likely "Noteworthy" refers to a possible Apple Cloud-based service using Nuance Technology, to turn speech to text (Notes) and vice versa, which could likely debut with iOS 5.

Isn't "Noteworthy" too generic to be Noteworthy - particularly if it is?

On the other hand, if it isn't then it can be, because no one (Microsoft et al) will think it is.

It's likely a font for iPad but maybe there's more to it, maybe not. But it's noteworthy nonetheless.

With a TM like Noteworthy, it's something simple like taking notes with a new ipen. I hope that wwdc is really about Lion and less on iOS.

Man, did Apple bury their intent on this one or what? Their legal team sure knows how to confuse anyone trying to figure out what this trademark is for. If it's for a font, then why didn't they just file class 16 and call it a day. It's short and sweet. But by overloading Class 9 it opens up the question, what are they trying to hide here? If I had to take a shot I'd say it's related to their current notes app. A long shot would be an app like Windows OneNote.

I think you're last point is correct. I think it's associated with a typestyle on iPad's notes app. It's the way Apple clogs up the classes field that's confusing. But that's the legal world for ya. I'd rather it be an iPhone scanner, but I don't think it is. Too bad.

I agree with you John. But this is a trademark and I think it's more about the scanner. Though an electronic wallet is certainly a candidate. Class 16 relates to printers. You don't think that Apple will re-introduce a printer do you? It's a stretch but who knows.

The scanner idea could really add value to the iPhone or iPod touch. I checked out one of the links in your report to the scanner patent and it looks like the back of the iPhone could also rest on a table near your iMac or Macbook and double as a mobile wireless mouse. It's this dual nature of this app or feature which could provide super value.

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