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May 04, 2011


This lady is an opportunits that wants to win the lotto without buying any ticket. There will be no free lunch from Apple to all these people. The collection of user data is in the TOS and there is no secrecy in this service, since there is a switch to turn the service off in the iPhone settings.

@David. Obviously you're a true blue appleguy. Some of us don't like that there are Apple patents describing profiling and tracking in great detail. Some of us want to know about what is a user profile so that they could custom market things to us. What is Apple sharing? I doubt that you know. You're just blindly following Apple. This is too big an issue to base it all on trust. This is a huge social issue where the secrecy has to stop and honesty has to be forthcoming. I hope that the Senate could force answers out of the leaders that were invited there.

This new lawsuit on the other hand is where I could agree with you David.

@Steve. What are you missing? If you have location services on you pick and choose the services you want to use. If location services are off, you get to use nothing.

There is no reason to open any debate 'wide open', these lawsuit are just money grab attempts by sleazy lawyers that have no actual merit.

Perhaps I am missing something? Location Services is not an "all or nothing" issue in it's current implementation on the iPhone. You have the ability to designate which applications you want to use Location Services. For example, I let Maps use it, but not Facebook. The list of all applications that can leverage location services is displayed in Settings/Location Services and you can choose which ones you want to have access to that type of data.

@Mark. Thanks for that answer. Apple still ships with location services on though. Changing locaton services to "off" out of the factory would put a lot of these complaints to rest. Though in this case the plaintiff is pointing to the database file. That's another issue but one that Apple said that they would be addressing shortly

The first time you use an app that needs location services, iOS does ask if you want to turn it on for that app. I believe, even Maps did so the first time (that was a long time ago for me.) So apps do arrive in the default state of off.

The case is relying on the provisions in the Illinois law that gives them wiggle room to actually grant this class action. Then the games really begin. You have an Irishman here so it's bound to go nine rounds.

I doubt that Steve Jobs will show up at the Senate hearing. He'll send Forstall. But it could be interesting if the Senate questions are (a) live on TV and not edited and (b) intelligent questions that actually put these tech giants on the ropes to answer truthfully. It's bound to be a circus no matter what.

The case talks about a divorce scenario that is theorectical. How is that even allowed in a case?

On the point of shipping products with location services off, I agree with you wholeheartedly. Then when I want to use a service that needs it, a dialog window could pop up to give me the option to turn that particular service on at that time where it makes sense to me. I don't think you need a list if Apple is forced to ask your permission to turn on a service for each new application. Newbies would understand this better than a list of choices they wouldn't understand anyways.

I like the idea of being able to turn off and on various location services. This has to be an idea that Apple will implement. It's a real solution. I too may like it for photos but for a future iWallet? I don't think so until I'm more comfortable with the security of all of this. When it comes to my money, e-banking is not for me. But why should I lose location services for one service if I don't want another service like banking. That's why adding choice makes a lot sense and it would really be easy for Apple to implement.

I have an iPod touch and was surprised to know that a softare update added location services to my settings. Why? It wasn't there when I bought the iPod. It's an iPod. How can they track me? I don't get this.

Another scam artist trying to rip Apple off. This case has zero merit. Want to use a Location Services app? Turn on Location Services. Don't want the phone to know where you are though - gotta keep that secret - well, you need to consult your One Hand Clapping Mumbo Jumbo Manual for that one. It's going to be hard to find the nearest Exxon gas station if the phone doesn't know where you are, so good luck with that idea.

On the other hand, if you never want to use a Location Services app, turn Location Services off. End of story.

Maybe I shouldn't, but I trust Apple will do the right thing. Apple isn't Google or Microsoft.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for legal cases. Maybe the guys over at 60 Minutes could do a series of investigative reports on this subject. We need a huge investigative team and newsworthy show to showcase this topic from all sides. I don't trust big tech.

I turn off location services. Yet will the iWallet really use tracking? I want the iWallet but this is where I might get a little paranoid. Banking info is the ultimate data you want protected and not subject to discovery by tracking or by anyone. Interesting times ahead.

I think we could be headed for a real headache with these new services flying out like the wild wild west. Companies are making up rules any way they want and hide or complicate details buried in multiple terms and condition clauses and other areas that the public never really gets to read. These companies bank on your rush to download free software and not reading their clauses about privacy or tracking.

Law makers are old and will never be able to keep up with these tracking services hidden in software. If this really opens up, you'd never want to buy an iPhone or android phone. And the Senate will only pretend to look all concerned. but to keep jobs, it's just a dog and pony show. Big businesses like Apple will go unchallenged and if something is done, it'll be too late for most of us using iPhone's today anyways.

All these new services available now and the iwallet of tomorrow are starting to concern me a little. I want the services but I don't really know what my device or 3rd party apps could do with information on my iPhone. If they don't explain to me what they're gathering or what 3rd parties could gather, I may have to limit which apps and services I use in the future, which is kind of a joy kill. It's definitely a creepy subject if you think about it.

I agree. I think we should have more options for location based services on our devices. Some services I want and others I don't. Good point.

Also, Steve Jobs should have known better than this. He's a meticulous man and pretending that he's surprised at the reaction to tracking is surprising in itself. I do get creeped out on this issue and you're right, it has to be brought out and discussed loudly so that we all feel more comfortable about these new trackiing capabilities. It's not just Apple's devices but how hackers could tap into databases like these on our iPhones etc.

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