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April 16, 2011


@ Marc. I think that the context here was a mixed bag. I believe that they were talking about a mix of PC's, Atom devices and definitely embedded devices. Intel is into embedded via Wind River and that's where this crazy number comes from, I believe.

The embedded market was certainly a noted keynote at Beijing. Even with that understood, it's still a deceptive number as you say Marc because they're using it as a marketing tool to view Apple's tablet numbers as meaningless. I'm sure we'll be hearing more and more of this type of New Intel Propaganda going forward.

All these prophetic claims of 40 billion devices, 15 billion devices by Ericsson and Intel, respectively sure know how to exaggerate.

U nailed it. Intel must be wondering how one guy that is supposed to be their partner can just go off and create a myriad of new multi billion dollar right under their watch ...

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