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April 26, 2011


@ Tom. I've never read anything so confusing. keep your comments simple with focused points. You just ramble. I think you're saying a Retina Display would make for a great TV. Well, I'll at least pretend that's what you're saying.

Given that we had the retina display detailed to use for the iPhone (with Apple having to basically write a cheque for the manufacturing R&D/buildings etc to be created to make iPad sized versions - will they do the same? I'm sure you could do a quick check of the normal viewing distance of an ACD/iMac and find the case for a higher DPI for a 27 and above inch screen. A bigger screen means more space to have a slim Mac behind it ala iMac. Would Apple miss the opportunity to make a >27" iMac and just make a >27" ACD/retina display screen (which'd be much higher than "HD" (it'd be 2-4K)).

With thunderbolt you can push the computational power of a Mac from the mac (e.g. a revved up Mac mini/XServe come Mac Pro 1U) to a dumb Thunderbolt ACD updated retina display level screen that's >27". Will be interesting to see where it goes. For things like Lion, iLife, iWork soon, FCP X - the concept of full screen really works with more screen real estate. (and Mission Control) too.

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