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Apple Files for "Groove Matching" & "Flex Time" Trademarks

1 Apple Files for Groove Matching & Flex Time Trademarks in China - April 2011 
Apple has filed for both "Groove Matching" and "Flex Time" trademarks in the US and China this week.  


Apple Seeks Trademarks for GarageBand '11 Features


Apple has filed for "Groove Matching" and "Flex Time" trademarks in China this week. The new trademarks are associated with new features found in GarageBand '11. Update: The US Patent and Trademark Office has published the very same trademarks on Saturday April 23, 2011 under numbers 85299193 and 85299123 respectively as presented further below. 


2 - Flex Time, Groove Matching - Apple Garageband features 

Apple's Trademark Applications In-Part


Apple's trademark applications in-part found in the Trademark Offices of both the US and China for "Groove Matching" and Flex Time" are presented below. 


3 - Apple's Groove Matching TM Filing in-part - april 23, 2011 

4 - Apple's TM for Flex Time - April 23, 2011 

China Filing  -  Apple TM Flex Time - April 2011 

China Filing - Apple TM Groove Matching - April 2011 

Apple Trademark: International Class Details  


Apple has filed both of their trademarks under the sole International Classification 009 which Apple clarifies as covering the following: Computer software for production, processing, recording, and editing of music and audio; computer software for music authoring.


Apple's priority filing is noted in their US filing as being filed in Colombia under application number 2010.130.079 on October 20, 2010.


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