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March 31, 2011


I agree with Rom and have also thought the same about these October iPad 3 rumors, it's not for an iPad, it's something bigger and better, the perfect 'gift for the holiday's' and another 'magical' advancement in personal / business computing. They owned the tablet market, this is where macosx and desktop machines are really going to bring Apple full circle on a wide scale. Give us a 17" touch screen beauty Apple!

> It was strange how Apple left the developer 4 finger gestures in the iOS build

Not strange at all. Some 3rd party apps conflict with the system multitasking gestures. Developers get the gestures early so they can fix their apps before users get the gestures. It wouldn't surprise me at all if in iOS v5, the same four fingers up gesture shows Mission Control, just like it does in Mac OS Lion. But either way, the apps have to be fixed first.

> Mac tablet

I would be more inclined to believe the future of Mac OS is a MacBook Air with 2 touch screens in it than believe we will see an iPad-like Mac. The lower touchscreen could be a mixer in Logic, a video controller in Final Cut, a graphics tablet in Photoshop, a keyboard in Pages.

I'm skeptical of any change to the Mac form factor that makes it more like an iPad, because we already have an iPad, and we still need to run Mac apps. If you look at Lion, a full screen app is just a single app in a single Space, but there is still a Space that shows the Desktop and Dock, and there is still a Terminal app that gets you a command line. None of these things can be taken away. That is why Apple seemed so reticent to add any more features to Mac OS X than they had to. If you imagine we have iPads but no Macs, Apple might say, what if we made a 2-screen iPad, and they would come up with a MacBook Air with 2 touch screens in it. In other words, if we didn't have the Mac, Apple would probably invent it. I don't think they are looking to deinvent it. The Mac is the very best iPad accessory you can get, and vice versa. OS X is a great family.

For me this "Spaces" is not for the iPad but for another future tablet like TabletMac or Apple Slate working on Mac OS X Lion.

I'm a Graphic Designer and I think Apple is preparing a revolutionary new tablet for sometime in October that's more professional than the current iPad and with a stylus (Apple stylus patent are already on the web...).

I also think that a new iMac Touch will be launched with or after Mac OS X Lion's presentation. This iMac touch or MacBook Touch will work with this Spaces, one or the evolution present in Mac OS X Lion. This is why the patent graphic shows the Mac OS X icons and not the ones from iOS.

Sorry for my english, I'm French :-) thanks for this article!

[Merci pour votre commentaire, Rom - Jack Purcher]

Spaces, or Mission Control, Exposé Would make much more sense than the developer beta 4 finger swipe, that throws you straight into the other apps that are available to multitask to. Isn't more likely covering their bases, than specifically talking about the iPad? The pictures show OS X running. It was strange how Apple left the developer 4 finger gestures in the iOS build - seeing as iOS5 is going to be launched post-WWDC, we may find out more at WWDC once there's a developer build released and more news.

How to make unique gestures that don't disrupt the normal iPad experience is just one issue - take the 4 finger swipe - if you've used Garageband, that's one app that allows multiple fingers to be used to hit piano keys for example, and can easily cause false positive swiping between apps.

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